In a town called
Plain Brown Brand Figgy Doodles
psychic delivery
Madame Gladiola’s 
House of
Otherworldly Pizza
 rare Panamint butterfly escaped through the broken glass pane and fluttered off into the stormy night and w
never seen again.a
Missing Champion Basset Hound
answers to Asta Magnifica.  If found, contact Detective Burton Sly. Large Reward.  No questions asked.
Remarkable’s Finest
Asta Magnifica
Fair Dance
Jane is not invited
Colossal Ice Cream

Are you Good Enough to Eat Here?
by Lizzie K. Foley

In the town of  Remarkable, almost nothing  is ordinary, except for one girl named Jane.  

Jane’s parents are world-famous, and her brother and sister are prodigies.  

Her grandmother is Remarkable’s mayor.

Every kid in town goes 
to Remarkable’s School 
for the Remarkably Gifted -- except Jane.

Since Jane is not gifted, she has to go to the regular public school,  where she is the only student.

 Her life is boring....

...until the nefariously wicked  Grimlet twins get expelled from the gifted school and are assigned to Jane’s fifth grade class...

...then a weather machine, a band of pirates, a music-loving lake monster, and a jelly controversy wreak havoc on Jane’s beloved community...

...and Jane learns that 
the fate of Remarkable rests in her over-whelmingly average hands.
not  welcome!!!
The music for the new bell tower has been composed by a world-famous musician who is now missing!

And if the bells ever ring, disaster will strike Remarkable.
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Papilio indra panamintensis


by Lizzie K. Foley

Dial Books for Young Children

April 12, 2012