My Bio

13 things about me

  1. 1.I was born and raised in Los Alamos, NM.

  1. 2.The town of Remarkable is only partially based on Los Alamos.

  1. 3.I have four dogs. They are all shelter/rescue dogs and they are awesome.

  1. 4.One of my dogs is the basis for Jane’s dog Dirt.  The other three dogs think this is unfair.

  1. 5.I am a terrible speller.

  1. 6.My last name Foley translates roughly to “pirate”, which is maybe why I like writing about pirates so much.

  1. 7.As a kid, I had to wear an eyepatch for awhile, which is another reason I like pirates. 

  1. 8.A genealogist once claimed my family was related to Sir Francis Drake, who was a famous pirate.  The genealogist was also a con artist, so this is probably not true.

  1. 9.I can’t spell “genealogist.”  I had to look it up. 

  1. 10. The word “genealogist” looks really weird to me.  I think we’d all be happier if it were spelled “geneologist.”

  1. 11. I am a twitter and facebook junkie.

  1. 12.If you want, you can follow me on twitter.

  1. 13.I won’t be offended if you don’t follow me on twitter. I’ll just be sad.

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