My Bio (part 2)
  1. 1.I have two older sisters.  They are both much taller than I am.  

  1. 2.I once gave myself a bloody nose by running into a glass door at a McDonald’s in Vienna, Austria when I was eight.  I was trying to catch up with my sisters, who had already gone inside (they’ve always walked faster than I do  because of their tallness).  The glass door was very clean, and I did not realize it was closed. 

  1. 3.At the time, my family was living in Austria for a year.  I went to the American International School (AIS) in Vienna during 2nd grade.

  1. 4.When I got back to Los Alamos from Vienna, I met a kid who (many years later) would become my husband. He was in my elementary school class.  At that point in our lives, we loathed each other.

  1. 5.Upon being introduced to my future husband, I tried to squash him by bailing out of a swing and landing on him.  I missed -- and gave myself a bloody nose.

  1. 6.I really, really love rain, geraniums, Coca-Cola, and fountain pens.

  1. 7.I can ride a unicycle! (at least I think I still can -- I haven’t tried it in awhile).

  1. 8. I have a terrible singing voice, but I sing a lot and make up lousy lyrics to go with my bad singing.

  1. 9. I can’t stand the taste of coffee.  The fact that I don’t drink coffee makes me feel like I’m not actually a grown-up.

  1. 10. My favorite writers are Tony Hillerman and Elinor Lyon.

  1. 11.True story.  Once, at a writer’s conference, I tried to steal a cheap hotel pen that Tony Hillerman used to stir his coffee -- but someone else stole it first.  

  1. 12.If I drank coffee, I would always stir it with cheap hotel pens just to be more like Tony Hillerman. 

  1. 13. Instead of coffee, I drink chai.  I started drinking chai because a bookstore near me used to sell something called “Writer’s Chai” and I thought that sounded cool.  I am clearly susceptible to marketing. 


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